Thomas Woodson1

M, b. November 1877

FatherJames Milnor Woodson1 b. c May 1838, d. c Feb 1909
MotherElizabeth Agnes Harrison1 b. 7 Apr 1837, d. 27 Aug 1909
Thomas Woodson|b. Nov 1877|p559.htm#i4208|James Milnor Woodson|b. c May 1838\nd. c Feb 1909|p556.htm#i950|Elizabeth Agnes Harrison|b. 7 Apr 1837\nd. 27 Aug 1909|p307.htm#i951|Edwin Woodson|b. c 1808\nd. 14 Jan 1872|p555.htm#i4037|Mary Goldin|b. c 1815|p285.htm#i4038|Seldon Harrison|b. c 1787\nd. b 1860|p308.htm#i4211|Mary B. Roberts|b. Jun 1820|p453.htm#i4225|

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BirthThomas Woodson was born circa 1876 at NE.1 
Birth*He was born in November 1877 at NE.2 
He was the son of James Milnor Woodson and Elizabeth Agnes Harrison.1 
Census*Thomas Woodson appeared on the census of January 1925 at Ward 4, Des Moines, Polk Co., IA.3 


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Ursly Woodson1


FatherJoseph Woodson1
MotherElizabeth Parsons1 b. c 1714
Ursly Woodson||p559.htm#i5503|Joseph Woodson||p556.htm#i5456|Elizabeth Parsons|b. c 1714|p426.htm#i5457|Joseph Woodson|b. c 1685|p556.htm#i5464|Elizabeth Mattox||p384.htm#i5465|Joseph Parsons||p426.htm#i5458|Sarah Woodson|b. c 1692|p558.htm#i5459|

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Ursly Woodson is the daughter of Joseph Woodson and Elizabeth Parsons.1 


  1. [S1800] Valentine Papers (Virginia), online, Joseph Woodson Sr. of Goochland Co. will.

William Woodson1

M, b. circa 1845

FatherEdwin Woodson1 b. c 1808, d. 14 Jan 1872
MotherMary Goldin1 b. c 1815
William Woodson|b. c 1845|p559.htm#i5442|Edwin Woodson|b. c 1808\nd. 14 Jan 1872|p555.htm#i4037|Mary Goldin|b. c 1815|p285.htm#i4038|Milner Woodson|b. 1782\nd. 1860|p557.htm#i5451|Nancy Johnson|b. 1780\nd. 1855|p337.htm#i5452|||||||

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Birth*William Woodson was born circa 1845 at VA.1 
He was the son of Edwin Woodson and Mary Goldin.1 


  1. [S1789] Aug 1850 U.S. Census of District 30, Lewis Co., West Virginia, unknown repository address, Family 681.

Anna Mae Woodworth


FatherTheopalus G. Woodworth b. c 1861
MotherHarriett C. Woodworth1 b. c 1887
Anna Mae Woodworth||p559.htm#i84|Theopalus G. Woodworth|b. c 1861|p559.htm#i4593|Harriett C. Woodworth|b. c 1887|p559.htm#i2293|||||||||||||

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Anna Mae Woodworth is the daughter of Theopalus G. Woodworth and Harriett C. Woodworth.1 
Marriage*Anna Mae Woodworth married Lawrence Willard Dunshee, son of Orville Finandis Dunshee and Anice Florence Brooks, on 10 April 1937 at Paris, Monroe Co., MO, by W.H. Crawford, Justice of the Peace.1 
Divorce*Anna Mae Woodworth and Lawrence Willard Dunshee were divorced in 1943 at Superior Court, Cook Co., IL.2 


Lawrence Willard Dunshee b. 10 August 1919, d. 7 November 1991

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants


  1. [S13] Certificate, Lawrence Dunshee & Anna Mae Woodworth marriage of 10 Apr 1937.
  2. [S711] Anna M. Dunshee v. Lawrence Dunshee, Cook Co. Divorce 0943 case 010144 of 1943, Clerk of the Circuit Court Archives Dept.

Harriett C. Woodworth1

F, b. circa 1887

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Birth*Harriett C. Woodworth was born circa 1887 at IL. 
Marriage*She married (?) Jolly circa 1904. 
Census*Harriett C. Woodworth and Theopalus G. Woodworth appeared on the census of January 1920 at Jefferson Twp., Monroe Co., MO. 
Marriage*Harriett C. Woodworth married Theopalus G. Woodworth circa 1921. 
CensusHarriett C. Woodworth and Theopalus G. Woodworth appeared on the census of April 1930 at Stoutsville, Monroe Co., MO. 

Family 1

(?) Jolly

Family 2

Theopalus G. Woodworth b. circa 1861


  1. [S13] Certificate, Lawrence Dunshee & Anna Mae Woodworth marriage of 10 Apr 1937.

Theopalus G. Woodworth

M, b. circa 1861

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Birth*Theopalus G. Woodworth was born circa 1861 at IL. 
CensusHe and Harriett C. Woodworth appeared on the census of January 1920 at Jefferson Twp., Monroe Co., MO. 
Marriage*Theopalus G. Woodworth married Harriett C. Woodworth circa 1921. 
CensusTheopalus G. Woodworth and Harriett C. Woodworth appeared on the census of April 1930 at Stoutsville, Monroe Co., MO. 


Harriett C. Woodworth b. circa 1887

Ebenezer Worden1

M, b. circa 1867

MotherAdaline Dunshee1 b. c 1842
Ebenezer Worden|b. c 1867|p559.htm#i2526||||Adaline Dunshee|b. c 1842|p135.htm#i2522|||||||Ebenezer Dunshee|b. bt 1804 - 1806\nd. a 1880|p164.htm#i2518|Eleanor Holmes|b. 1810\nd. a 1880|p319.htm#i2519|

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Birth*Ebenezer Worden was born circa 1867 at NY; listed as a grandson of Ebenezer Dunshie in 1880 census.1 
He was the son of Adaline Dunshee.1 

ChartsEbenezer (b. ca. 1805) & Eleanor Holmes Dunshee


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John Harry Workman1


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  1. [S783] database, online, Original data: De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour 1914-24. CD-ROM. United Kingdom: Navy & Military Press Ltd. (This data collection contains biographies of over 26,000 casualties of the Great War. Casualties include men (both officers and ranks) from the British Army, Navy, and Air Force.).

Robert Workman1

M, b. before 1770

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Birth*Robert Workman was born before 1770.1 
Marriage*He married June Dunsheaf on 13 August 1784 at Baltimore Co., MD.1 


June Dunsheaf b. before 1770


  1. [S1729] Robert Barnes, Maryland Marriages, 1778-1800.

Jessie Ann Worley1

F, b. 1 March 1887, d. 17 November 1967

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Birth*Jessie Ann Worley was born on 1 March 1887.2,3 
Marriage*She married Neil Dow Dunshee, son of George W. Dunshee and Minnie L. Siddons.1 
Residence*Jessie Ann Worley and Neil Dow Dunshee lived on 12 September 1918 at 635 N. 8th, Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.1 
Census*Jessie Ann Worley and Neil Dow Dunshee appeared on the census of January 1920 at 611 Eighth St., Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.3 
Death*Jessie Ann Worley died on 17 November 1967 at age 80.2,4 


Neil Dow Dunshee b. December 1881, d. 9 October 1950


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