Nancy Dunshee

F, b. 14 April 1801

FatherThomas Dunshee1 b. c 1763, d. 29 Apr 1844
MotherMary McAloney b. 4 Sep 1778, d. 29 Sep 1839
Nancy Dunshee|b. 14 Apr 1801|p222.htm#i973|Thomas Dunshee|b. c 1763\nd. 29 Apr 1844|p241.htm#i163|Mary McAloney|b. 4 Sep 1778\nd. 29 Sep 1839|p386.htm#i164|Unknown f. C. D. Dunshee|b. b 1745|p244.htm#i5236||||John McAloney/McLoney|d. 17 APRIL 1823 (PROBATED)|p386.htm#i494|Nancy Fife||p268.htm#i1212|

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Birth*Nancy Dunshee was born on 14 April 1801.2 
She was the daughter of Thomas Dunshee and Mary McAloney.1 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Nancy Dunshee

F, b. circa 1797

FatherThomas Dunshee1 b. 1758, d. 29 Nov 1846
MotherHannah Smith b. 29 Aug 1763, d. 16 Feb 1821
Nancy Dunshee|b. c 1797|p222.htm#i2005|Thomas Dunshee|b. 1758\nd. 29 Nov 1846|p241.htm#i520|Hannah Smith|b. 29 Aug 1763\nd. 16 Feb 1821|p475.htm#i521|Thomas Dunshee|b. b 1733\nd. c 1790|p242.htm#i848|Elizabeth Moore|b. b 1735|p404.htm#i849|John Smith|b. c 1715|p476.htm#i1480|Mary Harkness||p306.htm#i1481|

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Note*Nancy Dunshee and Robert Dunshee Nancy's burial in Robert Dunshee's cemetery lot caused John Burbank to suggest that she might be a child or grandchild of Robert. Perhaps she is Robert's sister,"Patty."2 
BaptismNancy Dunshee was baptized circa 1790 at Jaffrey, Cheshire Co., NH.1 
Birth*She was born circa 1797.3 
She was the daughter of Thomas Dunshee and Hannah Smith.1 
Burial*Nancy Dunshee was buried at Greenwood Cemetery Section 1, lot 105 (Robert Dunshee's lot), Bristol, Addison Co., VT.2 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Nancy Dunshee1

F, b. circa 1848

Last Edited6 Feb 2005

Birth*Nancy Dunshee was born circa 1848 at OH.1 


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Nancy A(gnes?) Dunshee

F, b. 25 December 1779, d. 21 October 1858

FatherJohn Dunshee1 b. b 1760
MotherSarah Armstrong1 b. b 1760
Nancy A(gnes?) Dunshee|b. 25 Dec 1779\nd. 21 Oct 1858|p222.htm#i825|John Dunshee|b. b 1760|p195.htm#i827|Sarah Armstrong|b. b 1760|p31.htm#i828|||||||||||||

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Birth*Nancy A(gnes?) Dunshee was born on 25 December 1779 at County Armagh, Northern Ireland.1 
She was the daughter of John Dunshee and Sarah Armstrong.1 
Marriage*Nancy A(gnes?) Dunshee married Robert Steele, son of Robert Steele and Jane Carson, in October 1802 at Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. 
Death*Nancy A(gnes?) Dunshee died on 21 October 1858 at probably, Dane, Dane Co., WI, at age 78.1 
Burial*She was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Lodi, Columbia Co., WI.1 


Robert Steele b. 1 January 1776, d. 7 March 1838


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Nancy Jo Dunshee


FatherFrank Clinton Dunshee1 b. 22 Sep 1918, d. 28 Dec 2006
MotherMarjorie Irene Hartman1
Nancy Jo Dunshee||p222.htm#i1062|Frank Clinton Dunshee|b. 22 Sep 1918\nd. 28 Dec 2006|p174.htm#i900|Marjorie Irene Hartman||p309.htm#i1061|Frank S. Dunshee|b. Sep 1890\nd. 10 Feb 1928|p175.htm#i653|Rulie B. Walker|b. 27 Jan 1892\nd. Jul 1985|p527.htm#i899|||||||

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Nancy Jo Dunshee is the daughter of Frank Clinton Dunshee and Marjorie Irene Hartman.1 
Marriage*Nancy Jo Dunshee married ?? Walsh


?? Walsh

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Nancy Shirley Dunshee1


FatherHarold Jackson Dunshee1 b. 26 Jan 1914, d. 1943
MotherClara Kathryn Shirley1
Nancy Shirley Dunshee||p222.htm#i2455|Harold Jackson Dunshee|b. 26 Jan 1914\nd. 1943|p182.htm#i905|Clara Kathryn Shirley||p468.htm#i2451|Clarence J. Dunshee|b. Nov 1881\nd. 1962|p154.htm#i650|Mabel E. Laughlin|b. 7 Dec 1881\nd. 30 Oct 1918|p355.htm#i1060|M.B. Shirley||p469.htm#i5081||||

Last Edited28 Mar 2007

Nancy Shirley Dunshee is the daughter of Harold Jackson Dunshee and Clara Kathryn Shirley.1 
Marriage*Nancy Shirley Dunshee married Bill Baker.2 


Bill Baker

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Nancy Sophia Hodgetts Dunshee1

F, b. circa December 1862

FatherJames Dunshee1 b. 9 Mar 1821, d. 11 Apr 1898
MotherLouisa Hodgetts1 b. Jul 1820, d. 10 Apr 1892
Nancy Sophia Hodgetts Dunshee|b. c Dec 1862|p222.htm#i1926|James Dunshee|b. 9 Mar 1821\nd. 11 Apr 1898|p189.htm#i1917|Louisa Hodgetts|b. Jul 1820\nd. 10 Apr 1892|p315.htm#i1918|John Dunshee|b. 1781\nd. bt 1851 - 1861|p195.htm#i1779|Margaret McMurrich|b. 1782\nd. Oct 1872|p396.htm#i1780|||||||

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Birth*Nancy Sophia Hodgetts Dunshee was born circa December 1862 at West Bromwich, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England.1 
She was the daughter of James Dunshee and Louisa Hodgetts.1 

ChartsJohn (b. 1781) & Margaret McMurrich Dunshee


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Natalie Dunshee1

F, b. 18 May 1911, d. 4 July 1989

Last Edited28 Dec 2001

Birth*Natalie Dunshee was born on 18 May 1911.1 
Residence*She lived in 1989 at zipcode 03894, Wolfeboro, Carroll Co., NH.1 
Death*She died on 4 July 1989 at age 78.1 


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Neela Ann Dunshee


FatherBarry Lynn Dunshee
MotherSarah Louise Buffington
Neela Ann Dunshee||p222.htm#i55|Barry Lynn Dunshee||p143.htm#i37|Sarah Louise Buffington||p67.htm#i54|William R. Dunshee|b. 24 Jul 1909\nd. 12 Apr 1989|p251.htm#i31|Bernadine L. Hellyer|b. 9 Oct 1913\nd. 14 Feb 2003|p310.htm#i32|||||||

Last Edited15 Jul 2009

Neela Ann Dunshee is the daughter of Barry Lynn Dunshee and Sarah Louise Buffington
Marriage*Neela Ann Dunshee married Brian Bueltel on 22 June.1 


Brian Bueltel b. 21 September

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants
Unknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


  1. [S1721] Beckie Dunshee's Family Website, online

Neil Dow Dunshee1

M, b. December 1881, d. 9 October 1950

FatherGeorge W. Dunshee2 b. 20 Apr 1856, d. 15 Jan 1932
MotherMinnie L. Siddons b. 8 Aug 1861, d. 7 Apr 1948
Neil Dow Dunshee|b. Dec 1881\nd. 9 Oct 1950|p222.htm#i201|George W. Dunshee|b. 20 Apr 1856\nd. 15 Jan 1932|p178.htm#i185|Minnie L. Siddons|b. 8 Aug 1861\nd. 7 Apr 1948|p470.htm#i186|James Dunshee|b. 26 May 1813\nd. 19 Apr 1886|p188.htm#i167|Mary M. Marshall|b. 18 May 1823\nd. 29 Sep 1907|p382.htm#i173|||||||

Last Edited25 Feb 2007

Birth*Neil Dow Dunshee was born in December 1881 at near, Newbern, Lucas Co., IA.2,3,4,5 
He was the son of George W. Dunshee and Minnie L. Siddons.2 
Marriage*Neil Dow Dunshee married Jessie Ann Worley.6 
Occupation*Neil Dow Dunshee was a clerk for J.S. Crozier on 12 September 1918 at 100 No. Grand, Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.6 
Residence*He and Jessie Ann Worley lived on 12 September 1918 at 635 N. 8th, Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.6 
Census*Neil Dow Dunshee and Jessie Ann Worley appeared on the census of January 1920 at 611 Eighth St., Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.5 
Death*Neil Dow Dunshee died on 9 October 1950 at Henry Co., IL, at age 68; in a car wreck.3,1 
Burial*He was buried at Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.3 


Jessie Ann Worley b. 1 March 1887, d. 17 November 1967
Marriage*He married Jessie Ann Worley.6 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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