Marshall Pollard Dunshee1,2,3

M, b. August 1856, d. 31 March 1908

FatherCaptain William Dunshee b. 22 Aug 1820, d. 5 Mar 1905
MotherMary Ann Adams b. 1829, d. 23 Apr 1898
Marshall Pollard Dunshee|b. Aug 1856\nd. 31 Mar 1908|p215.htm#i152|Captain William Dunshee|b. 22 Aug 1820\nd. 5 Mar 1905|p248.htm#i139|Mary Ann Adams|b. 1829\nd. 23 Apr 1898|p26.htm#i146|Andrew T. Dunshee|b. c 1797\nd. 1871|p140.htm#i136|Margaret Short|b. c 1798\nd. 26 Feb 1871|p469.htm#i138|Benjamin Adams|b. c 1800|p26.htm#i2341||||

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Birth*Marshall Pollard Dunshee was born in August 1856 at McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA.4 
He was the son of Captain William Dunshee and Mary Ann Adams
NoteMarshall Pollard Dunshee was single in 1900 census.4 
Residence*He lived between 1900 and 1905 at 510 Ringold, McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA.4,5 
Death*He died on 31 March 1908 at family residence St. Clair and Ringgold St., McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA, at age 51.6,3 
Burial*He was buried on 2 April 1908 at McKeesport Versailles Cemetery, Sec. E, Lot 46, McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA; Rev. W. R. Becker of the First Presbyterian church officiated.6,3,7 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Martha Dunshee1

F, b. between 1755 and 1759

FatherThomas Dunshee1 b. b 1733, d. c 1790
MotherElizabeth Moore1 b. b 1735
Martha Dunshee|b. bt 1755 - 1759|p215.htm#i2943|Thomas Dunshee|b. b 1733\nd. c 1790|p242.htm#i848|Elizabeth Moore|b. b 1735|p404.htm#i849|Thomas Dunshee|b. b 1713|p242.htm#i1035||||William Moore|b. b 1700\nd. 1 Jan 1739/40|p405.htm#i2939|Martha Anderson|b. c 1700|p30.htm#i2935|

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Note*Martha Dunshee may be related, or even the same person.2 
Birth*She was born between 1755 and 1759 at NH; The will of Thomas Dunshee (drawn 22 January 1772 and probated on 30 July 1772), husband of Elizabeth Moore, lists bequests to his wife, Betty, and to six children: Hugh, Sarah, Thomas, Robert, Mary and Martha. At the time the will was drawn, all except Hugh and Sarah were minors. Since Mary would have to wait only two years after Thomas's death for her bequest, assuming that Thomas expected to die shortly after the will was drawn and the waiting periods were probably for the two girls to reach the age of twenty-one (since they were not yet married), that would place Mary's birth at about 1753/54 (ca 1757 if 18 the age of majority) , and Martha's at 1755/56 ( ca 1759).1 
She was the daughter of Thomas Dunshee and Elizabeth Moore.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Martha E. Dunshee1,2

F, b. 7 January 1852, d. 24 September 1875

FatherHarrison Dunshee1 b. 1824, d. 1897
MotherSylphina Laura Nye b. 3 Sep 1830, d. 1903
Martha E. Dunshee|b. 7 Jan 1852\nd. 24 Sep 1875|p215.htm#i340|Harrison Dunshee|b. 1824\nd. 1897|p183.htm#i299|Sylphina Laura Nye|b. 3 Sep 1830\nd. 1903|p419.htm#i300|William Dunshee|b. c 1794\nd. 1867|p247.htm#i332|Lorain Turner|b. b 1800|p520.htm#i2382|Weatherby Nye||p419.htm#i1391|Martha King||p345.htm#i1392|

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Birth*Martha E. Dunshee was born on 7 January 1852 at OH.1,2 
She was the daughter of Harrison Dunshee and Sylphina Laura Nye.1 
Marriage*Martha E. Dunshee married Seth R. Hanchett, son of Oliver Hanchett and Cornelia (?), on 16 September 1873 at Summit Co., OH.3,2 
Death*Martha E. Dunshee died on 24 September 1875 at age 23.2 
Burial*She was buried at Locust Grove Cemetery, Twinsburg, Summit Co., OH.2 


Seth R. Hanchett b. 1851, d. 1910

ChartsWilliam (b. ca. 1794) & Lorain Turner Dunshee


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Martha Francis Dunshee1

F, b. 17 May 1857, d. between 1900 and 1908

FatherLemuel D. Dunshee b. 11 Nov 1823, d. bt Jun 1900 - 10 Oct 1903
MotherRebecca Katharine Swift b. 3 Apr 1837, d. 7 Aug 1909
Martha Francis Dunshee|b. 17 May 1857\nd. bt 1900 - 1908|p215.htm#i111|Lemuel D. Dunshee|b. 11 Nov 1823\nd. bt Jun 1900 - 10 Oct 1903|p206.htm#i96|Rebecca Katharine Swift|b. 3 Apr 1837\nd. 7 Aug 1909|p506.htm#i97|William Dunshee|b. c 1794\nd. b 22 Sep 1824|p247.htm#i109|Susannah (?)|b. 1797\nd. 26 Feb 1865|p24.htm#i110|Currin E. Swift|b. 28 Apr 1814\nd. 2 Jan 1897|p493.htm#i118|Ann McMurray|b. 5 Jul 1817\nd. 3 Aug 1882|p396.htm#i119|

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Birth*Martha Francis Dunshee was born on 17 May 1857 at Davis Co., IA.2 
She was the daughter of Lemuel D. Dunshee and Rebecca Katharine Swift
Marriage*Martha Francis Dunshee married John Wesley Long, son of John Long and Barbary E. Corteny, on 12 April 1885 at Lemuel Dunshee's home, Jackson Twp., Wayne Co., IA.2 
Census*Martha Francis Dunshee and John Wesley Long appeared on the census of 1900 at Grant Twp., Dekalb Co., MO.3 
Death*Martha Francis Dunshee died between 1900 and 1908 at perhaps, MO; According to Wm. Efford's 1908 obituary, only two of his sisters and two of his brothers were living (Cora Bell, Louwilda, Robert, & Orlando were living).3 


John Wesley Long b. 19 November 1852, d. 24 February 1921

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants
Unknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Martha Louise Dunshee1


FatherFrank Dunshee2 b. 9 Jan 1880, d. 24 Aug 1940
MotherLillie Florence McCollough b. 24 Feb 1892, d. 10 Mar 1978
Martha Louise Dunshee||p215.htm#i539|Frank Dunshee|b. 9 Jan 1880\nd. 24 Aug 1940|p174.htm#i532|Lillie Florence McCollough|b. 24 Feb 1892\nd. 10 Mar 1978|p388.htm#i537|Thomas M. Dunshee|b. 22 Feb 1845\nd. 3 Apr 1913|p243.htm#i172|Susanna (Susan) Bonar|b. 23 Sep 1843\nd. 3 Apr 1917|p56.htm#i174|||||||

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Martha Louise Dunshee is the daughter of Frank Dunshee and Lillie Florence McCollough.2 
Marriage*Martha Louise Dunshee married Roland Paul Michael on 23 November 1938.1 


Roland Paul Michael b. 4 July 1913, d. 26 May 1994

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Martha Selena Dunshee1

F, b. 22 June 1857, d. 10 April 1932

FatherJames Dunshee1 b. 9 Mar 1821, d. 11 Apr 1898
MotherLouisa Hodgetts1 b. Jul 1820, d. 10 Apr 1892
Martha Selena Dunshee|b. 22 Jun 1857\nd. 10 Apr 1932|p215.htm#i1923|James Dunshee|b. 9 Mar 1821\nd. 11 Apr 1898|p189.htm#i1917|Louisa Hodgetts|b. Jul 1820\nd. 10 Apr 1892|p315.htm#i1918|John Dunshee|b. 1781\nd. bt 1851 - 1861|p195.htm#i1779|Margaret McMurrich|b. 1782\nd. Oct 1872|p396.htm#i1780|||||||

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Birth*Martha Selena Dunshee was born on 22 June 1857 at Sunderland, England.1 
She was the daughter of James Dunshee and Louisa Hodgetts.1 
Death*Martha Selena Dunshee died on 10 April 1932 at West Bromwich, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England, at age 74.1 

ChartsJohn (b. 1781) & Margaret McMurrich Dunshee


  1. [S350] Letter, Michael Barry Treadwell to Orville Dunshee, 14 Oct 1997.

Martin Keith Dunshee


FatherCharles Keith Dunshee
MotherJoetta Tarvin
Martin Keith Dunshee||p215.htm#i11|Charles Keith Dunshee||p151.htm#i8|Joetta Tarvin||p511.htm#i9|Charles E. Dunshee|b. 15 May 1907\nd. 21 Nov 1966|p151.htm#i2|Wilma Horner|b. 15 Sep 1910\nd. 31 Jan 1953|p328.htm#i3|James H. Tarvin|d. 15 May 1994|p511.htm#i1348|Bonnie Joy||p342.htm#i3398|

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Martin Keith Dunshee is the son of Charles Keith Dunshee and Joetta Tarvin
Marriage*Martin Keith Dunshee married Audrey Lee Johnston, daughter of Benedict Malcom Johnston and Mary Kathleen Carter Johnston, circa 1980 at London, England. 


Audrey Lee Johnston

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants
Unknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)

Mary Dunshee1

F, b. 6 July 1785

FatherThomas Dunshee2 b. 1758, d. 29 Nov 1846
MotherHannah Smith b. 29 Aug 1763, d. 16 Feb 1821
Mary Dunshee|b. 6 Jul 1785|p215.htm#i315|Thomas Dunshee|b. 1758\nd. 29 Nov 1846|p241.htm#i520|Hannah Smith|b. 29 Aug 1763\nd. 16 Feb 1821|p475.htm#i521|Thomas Dunshee|b. b 1733\nd. c 1790|p242.htm#i848|Elizabeth Moore|b. b 1735|p404.htm#i849|John Smith|b. c 1715|p476.htm#i1480|Mary Harkness||p306.htm#i1481|

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Birth*Mary Dunshee was born on 6 July 1785 at Jaffrey, Cheshire Co., NH.2,3 
She was the daughter of Thomas Dunshee and Hannah Smith.2 
Marriage*Mary Dunshee married Jeremiah McNay on 25 May 1807 at Bristol, Addison Co., VT.4 


Jeremiah McNay

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Mary Dunshee1

F, b. 3 January 1826, d. 11 December 1855

FatherJonathan L. Dunshee1 b. 10 Jul 1794, d. 12 Jan 1873
MotherLeah Thompson1 b. 31 Jul 1804, d. 14 Oct 1862
Mary Dunshee|b. 3 Jan 1826\nd. 11 Dec 1855|p215.htm#i586|Jonathan L. Dunshee|b. 10 Jul 1794\nd. 12 Jan 1873|p198.htm#i603|Leah Thompson|b. 31 Jul 1804\nd. 14 Oct 1862|p515.htm#i1024|Robert Dunshee|b. c 1760\nd. c 1819|p229.htm#i1064|Unknown F. Unknown|d. b 1795|p522.htm#i2379|||||||

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Birth*Mary Dunshee was born on 3 January 1826 at Cambridge, Lamoille Co., VT; noted as Robert Dunshee's oldest sister in his will, Carroll Co., IL.1,2 
She was the daughter of Jonathan L. Dunshee and Leah Thompson.1 
Marriage*Mary Dunshee married Norman D. French, son of Jacob French and Permelia (?), on 23 October 1849 at Cambridge, Lamoille Co., VT.3,4,5 
Death*Mary Dunshee died on 11 December 1855 at Carroll Co., IL, at age 29; Robert mentioned Mary's Grandchildren: LeRoy Houghton & Harry Houghton.5 


Norman D. French b. 1 January 1810

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Mary Dunshee

F, b. 20 October 1786

FatherJohn Dunshee1 b. 1 Feb 1751
MotherElizabeth Patten b. 20 Oct 1751
Mary Dunshee|b. 20 Oct 1786|p215.htm#i822|John Dunshee|b. 1 Feb 1751|p195.htm#i816|Elizabeth Patten|b. 20 Oct 1751|p426.htm#i817|||||||||||||

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Birth*Mary Dunshee was born on 20 October 1786 at ?, Ireland.1 
She was the daughter of John Dunshee and Elizabeth Patten.1 

ChartsJohn (b. Ireland in 1751) & Elizabeth Patten Dunshee


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