Ellen Anna Dunshee1

F, b. 24 May 1891

FatherDwight Elbert Dunshee1 b. 5 Jul 1856
MotherEllen Anna (?)1 b. c 1860, d. 11 Sep 1895
Ellen Anna Dunshee|b. 24 May 1891|p169.htm#i3082|Dwight Elbert Dunshee|b. 5 Jul 1856|p164.htm#i2290|Ellen Anna (?)|b. c 1860\nd. 11 Sep 1895|p9.htm#i2347|Nelson T. Dunshee|b. 8 May 1827\nd. 16 Aug 1911|p223.htm#i2342|Esther A. Naregon|b. 28 Feb 1834\nd. 23 Feb 1907|p413.htm#i2343||||Mary E. (?)|d. 24 Feb 1887|p18.htm#i3081|

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Birth*Ellen Anna Dunshee was born on 24 May 1891.1 
She was the daughter of Dwight Elbert Dunshee and Ellen Anna (?).1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Ellen Reid Dunshee1

F, b. 14 May 1909, d. 2 July 1909

FatherDr. Jay Dee Dunshee1 b. 30 Dec 1884, d. 28 Jan 1956
MotherErol Reid Willey1 b. Dec 1886
Ellen Reid Dunshee|b. 14 May 1909\nd. 2 Jul 1909|p169.htm#i1685|Dr. Jay Dee Dunshee|b. 30 Dec 1884\nd. 28 Jan 1956|p192.htm#i193|Erol Reid Willey|b. Dec 1886|p546.htm#i1682|James A. Dunshee|b. 22 Oct 1849\nd. 28 Oct 1898|p189.htm#i177|Ella V. Gates|b. c 1854\nd. 11/16 Jul 1888|p281.htm#i178|Wade B. Willey|b. Nov 1863|p546.htm#i1686|Cora R. Gould|b. Dec 1868|p286.htm#i1687|

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Birth*Ellen Reid Dunshee was born on 14 May 1909.1 
She was the daughter of Dr. Jay Dee Dunshee and Erol Reid Willey.1 
Death*Ellen Reid Dunshee died on 2 July 1909.1 
Burial*She was buried at Woodburn Cemetery, Woodburn, Clarke Co., IA.1 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Elsie Maxine Dunshee


FatherCarl Andrew Dunshee b. 6 Nov 1904, d. 8 Sep 1979
MotherAnnis Marie Stroud b. 20 Mar 1905, d. Jan 1986
Elsie Maxine Dunshee||p169.htm#i969|Carl Andrew Dunshee|b. 6 Nov 1904\nd. 8 Sep 1979|p147.htm#i103|Annis Marie Stroud|b. 20 Mar 1905\nd. Jan 1986|p487.htm#i760|William E. Dunshee|b. 4 Jan 1856\nd. 19 Sep 1908|p250.htm#i64|Margaret(t) Elizabeth McCullough|b. 27 May 1864\nd. 5 Sep 1940|p390.htm#i65|||||||

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Elsie Maxine Dunshee is the daughter of Carl Andrew Dunshee and Annis Marie Stroud
Marriage*Elsie Maxine Dunshee married Dale Sapp circa 25 March 1963 at Allerton Methodist Church, Allerton, Wayne CO., IA. 


Dale Sapp

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants
Unknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)

Elvja A. (sp?) Dunshee1

F, b. circa 1842

FatherDaniel Dunshee1 b. c 1814
MotherPhebe (?)1 b. c 1816
Elvja A. (sp?) Dunshee|b. c 1842|p169.htm#i4406|Daniel Dunshee|b. c 1814|p157.htm#i4403|Phebe (?)|b. c 1816|p22.htm#i4404|||||||||||||

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Birth*Elvja A. (sp?) Dunshee was born circa 1842 at NY.1 
She was the daughter of Daniel Dunshee and Phebe (?).1 


  1. [S1332] Jul 1850 U.S. Census of Moreau, Saratoga Co., New York, unknown repository address, p. 132, image 25.

Emily Dunshee1

F, b. before 1820

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Birth*Emily Dunshee was born before 1820.1 
Marriage Bann*Marriage banns for Emily Dunshee and Gardner E. Hall were published on 31 March 1835 at Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH.1 


Gardner E. Hall b. before 1817


  1. [S381] Walpole, NH Town Records, volume 1 - 3: p.292.

Emily Dunshee1


FatherJeff Kirk1
MotherLaura Dunshee1
Emily Dunshee||p169.htm#i4972|Jeff Kirk||p346.htm#i4971|Laura Dunshee||p205.htm#i2160|||||||Richard Dunshee||p228.htm#i986|Lois Barrows||p70.htm#i2161|

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Emily Dunshee is the daughter of Jeff Kirk and Laura Dunshee.1 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


  1. [S1528] Audrey Dunshee, "Dunshee History," e-mail to Karol F. Dunshee, 11 Jan 2007.

Emily Joy Dunshee


FatherAdam David Dunshee1
MotherKathryn Clare Hoggard
Emily Joy Dunshee||p169.htm#i1079|Adam David Dunshee||p135.htm#i1077|Kathryn Clare Hoggard||p316.htm#i1078|David K. Dunshee||p159.htm#i1068|Joyce E. Stanley||p481.htm#i1069|||||||

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Emily Joy Dunshee is the daughter of Adam David Dunshee and Kathryn Clare Hoggard.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


  1. [S296] Interview, David Dunshee & Joyce (Stanley) Dunshee, 1997 Dunshee Reunion.

Emma Dunshee1

F, b. circa 1879

FatherCyrus D. Dunshee1 b. 6 Oct 1833, d. 20 Feb 1901
MotherEliza E. Draper1 b. Dec 1839
Emma Dunshee|b. c 1879|p169.htm#i2356|Cyrus D. Dunshee|b. 6 Oct 1833\nd. 20 Feb 1901|p157.htm#i2817|Eliza E. Draper|b. Dec 1839|p115.htm#i2987|Elisha Dunshee|b. 2 Apr 1798\nd. 15 Jul 1866|p166.htm#i2352|Mary Drake|b. 26 Jun 1803\nd. b 1850|p114.htm#i2871|||||||

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Birth*Emma Dunshee was born circa 1879 at MI.1,2 
She was the daughter of Cyrus D. Dunshee and Eliza E. Draper.1 
Residence*Emma Dunshee lived in November 1919 at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Emma F. Dunshee1

F, b. March 1862

FatherFrancis Kellogg Dunshee2 b. 1825, d. 1882
MotherHannah Hall2 b. 1826, d. 1918
Emma F. Dunshee|b. Mar 1862|p169.htm#i850|Francis Kellogg Dunshee|b. 1825\nd. 1882|p174.htm#i2009|Hannah Hall|b. 1826\nd. 1918|p294.htm#i566|Edward Dunshee|b. c 1795\nd. 2 May 1841|p165.htm#i2823|Harriet M. Parmelee|b. c 1801\nd. 7 May 1846|p425.htm#i2006|||||||

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Birth*Emma F. Dunshee was born in March 1862 at probably, Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL.2 
She was the daughter of Francis Kellogg Dunshee and Hannah Hall.2 
Marriage*Emma F. Dunshee married Albert N. Watson, son of William N. Watson and Isabella H. Silk, on 28 October 1898 at Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA; Emma's 1st marriage and Albert's 2nd marriage.2,3 
Census*Emma F. Dunshee and Albert N. Watson appeared on the census of 4 June 1900 at 610 Second St., Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA.2 


Albert N. Watson b. September 1862

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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  3. [S1665] Linn Co., IA Marriages: Emma F. Dunshee & A.N Watson, book 6, p. 147, #7062.

Emma M. Dunshee1

F, b. circa 1858

FatherNorman Dunshee1 b. 24 Jan 1822, d. 15 Jul 1890
MotherCalista O. Carleton1 b. c 1826
Emma M. Dunshee|b. c 1858|p169.htm#i2565|Norman Dunshee|b. 24 Jan 1822\nd. 15 Jul 1890|p224.htm#i691|Calista O. Carleton|b. c 1826|p73.htm#i2563|William Dunshee|b. c 1794\nd. 1867|p247.htm#i332|Lorain Turner|b. b 1800|p520.htm#i2382|||||||

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Birth*Emma M. Dunshee was born circa 1858 at OH.1 
She was the daughter of Norman Dunshee and Calista O. Carleton.1 
Occupation*Emma M. Dunshee was a college teacher in 1880.2 

ChartsWilliam (b. ca. 1794) & Lorain Turner Dunshee


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