Anna M. Dunshee

F, b. circa 1861

FatherDr. John Y. Dunshee1 b. 10 Jul 1823, d. 2 Jul 1888
MotherIsabel Brown Richie b. c 1825
Anna M. Dunshee|b. c 1861|p141.htm#i810|Dr. John Y. Dunshee|b. 10 Jul 1823\nd. 2 Jul 1888|p198.htm#i169|Isabel Brown Richie|b. c 1825|p448.htm#i807|Thomas Dunshee|b. c 1763\nd. 29 Apr 1844|p241.htm#i163|Mary McAloney|b. 4 Sep 1778\nd. 29 Sep 1839|p386.htm#i164|David Ritchie|b. 31 Jan 1798\nd. 1859|p451.htm#i2876|Elizabeth Kelso|d. 26 Mar 1870|p344.htm#i2877|

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Birth*Anna M. Dunshee was born circa 1861 at IN.2 
She was the daughter of Dr. John Y. Dunshee and Isabel Brown Richie.1 

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Anna M. Dunshee1

F, b. 30 November 1887, d. 22 June 1968

Mother(?) Claytor1
Anna M. Dunshee|b. 30 Nov 1887\nd. 22 Jun 1968|p141.htm#i3455||||(?) Claytor||p84.htm#i3456|||||||||||||

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Birth*Anna M. Dunshee was born on 30 November 1887 at IA.1 
She was the daughter of (?) Claytor.1 
Residence*Anna M. Dunshee lived in 1968 at Anaheim, Orange Co., CA.2 
Death*She died on 22 June 1968 at Orange Co., CA, at age 80.1 


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Annette Dunshee1

F, b. 17 February 1854

FatherLewis H. Dunshee2 b. 3 Aug 1821, d. 3 Apr 1864
MotherCaroline M. Titus b. 19 May 1831, d. 31 Jul 1891
Annette Dunshee|b. 17 Feb 1854|p141.htm#i270|Lewis H. Dunshee|b. 3 Aug 1821\nd. 3 Apr 1864|p207.htm#i501|Caroline M. Titus|b. 19 May 1831\nd. 31 Jul 1891|p517.htm#i502|John Dunshee|b. c 1790\nd. 28 Oct 1848|p194.htm#i499|Annette Wiers|b. 28 Jan 1797\nd. 23 Nov 1830|p545.htm#i500|Preston Titus||p517.htm#i1472|Vashti (?)||p25.htm#i1473|

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Birth*Annette Dunshee was born on 17 February 1854 at Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH.1 
She was the daughter of Lewis H. Dunshee and Caroline M. Titus.2 
BirthAnnette Dunshee was born on 19 February 1854 at Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH.2 
Residence*She lived on 1 April 1878 at Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Anson R. Dunshee1

M, b. December 1852, d. 15 March 1923

FatherEbenezer Dunshee2,3 b. bt 1804 - 1806, d. a 1880
MotherEleanor Holmes2 b. 1810, d. a 1880
Anson R. Dunshee|b. Dec 1852\nd. 15 Mar 1923|p141.htm#i1695|Ebenezer Dunshee|b. bt 1804 - 1806\nd. a 1880|p164.htm#i2518|Eleanor Holmes|b. 1810\nd. a 1880|p319.htm#i2519|||||||||||||

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Note*Anson R. Dunshee and John Dunshie are related in what way? Anson's infant son is buried in John's cemetery lot.4 
Birth*Anson R. Dunshee was born in December 1852 at probably, Wyoming Co., NY.1,2,5 
He was the son of Ebenezer Dunshee and Eleanor Holmes.2,3 
Marriage*Anson R. Dunshee married Florida Tomlinson, daughter of George C. Tomlinson and Georgia (?), circa 1875.1 
OccupationAnson R. Dunshee was a farmer in 1880.2 
OccupationHe was a hotel proprietor in June 1900.5 
Census*He and Florida Tomlinson appeared on the census of June 1900 at 46 E. Bank St., Albion, Orleans Co., NY; Anson, b. Dec 1852; wife Florai (sp), b. Mar 1855; and son, Robert P., b. Jan 1877.5 
Occupation*Anson R. Dunshee was operating a hotel in in 1915 at Albion, Orleans Co., NY.6 
Story*The Medina Daily Journal of 15 Mar 1923 carried the following story:

"Anson R. DUNSHEE, for years proprietor of the Orleans Hotel at Albion, was discovered d ead at his home on Ingersoll Street at seven o’clock this morning. First reports stated that Mr. DUNSHEE had fallen down stairs and broken his neck, but later reports supplemented this to the effect that he had committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

Mr. DUNSHEE was well known throughout Western New York. Robert DUNSHEE of Albion, a son, survives.

The Orleans Hotel, with which Mr. DUNSHEE was connected for many years, closed its doors on Saturday night. Mr. DUNSHEE, while owner, has not been manager of the hotel for the past few years, it being under the management of Mr. FIELDS."7
Death*He died on 15 March 1923 at Albion, Orleans Co., NY, at age 70.1 
Burial*He was buried at Lot 1828 Clovr of Mt. Albion Cemetery, Albion, Orleans Co., NY.1 


Florida Tomlinson b. March 1855, d. 1 September 1953
Marriage*He married Florida Tomlinson, daughter of George C. Tomlinson and Georgia (?), circa 1875.1 

ChartsEbenezer (b. ca. 1805) & Eleanor Holmes Dunshee


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Apryl Kaye Dunshee1


FatherWilliam Connell Dunshee1
MotherGeorgean Thayer1
Apryl Kaye Dunshee||p141.htm#i2624|William Connell Dunshee||p249.htm#i1963|Georgean Thayer||p513.htm#i2609|Glenn O. Dunshee|b. 11 Jun 1911\nd. Feb 1986|p180.htm#i1957|Eunice L. Harris|b. 21 Aug 1914\nd. Jul 1974|p307.htm#i1968|||||||

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Apryl Kaye Dunshee is the daughter of William Connell Dunshee and Georgean Thayer.1 
Marriage*Apryl Kaye Dunshee married Greg Haden on 19 October 1985.1 


Greg Haden

ChartsWilliam and Susannah Dunshee's Descendants
Unknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Ardeth Dunshee

F, b. 16 October 1911, d. 28 May 1997

FatherNeil Dow Dunshee1 b. Dec 1881, d. 9 Oct 1950
MotherJessie Ann Worley b. 1 Mar 1887, d. 17 Nov 1967
Ardeth Dunshee|b. 16 Oct 1911\nd. 28 May 1997|p141.htm#i981|Neil Dow Dunshee|b. Dec 1881\nd. 9 Oct 1950|p222.htm#i201|Jessie Ann Worley|b. 1 Mar 1887\nd. 17 Nov 1967|p559.htm#i979|George W. Dunshee|b. 20 Apr 1856\nd. 15 Jan 1932|p178.htm#i185|Minnie L. Siddons|b. 8 Aug 1861\nd. 7 Apr 1948|p470.htm#i186|||||||

Last Edited24 May 1999

Birth*Ardeth Dunshee was born on 16 October 1911 at Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.2,3 
She was the daughter of Neil Dow Dunshee and Jessie Ann Worley.1 
Marriage*Ardeth Dunshee married (?) Cronin on 3 August 1938.2 
Residence*Ardeth Dunshee lived in 1994 at Aurora, Arapahoe Co., CO.4 
Death*She died on 28 May 1997 at Aurora, Arapahoe Co., CO, at age 85.2 
Burial*She was buried on 3 June 1997 at Lyonsville Congregational Church cemetery, Indian Head Park, Cook Co., IL.2 


(?) Cronin d. before 1997

ChartsUnknown Dunshee Father (b. before 1745)


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Arlene Dunshee1

F, b. 7 August 1922, d. April 1987

FatherEarle A. Dunshee1 b. 27 Dec 1896, d. 12 May 1979
MotherLila Trombley1 b. 2 May 1901, d. 10 Nov 1981
Arlene Dunshee|b. 7 Aug 1922\nd. Apr 1987|p141.htm#i3641|Earle A. Dunshee|b. 27 Dec 1896\nd. 12 May 1979|p164.htm#i1717|Lila Trombley|b. 2 May 1901\nd. 10 Nov 1981|p520.htm#i1721|Herbert E. Dunshee|b. 12 Sep 1855\nd. 26 Mar 1929|p186.htm#i1711|Clara E. Perkins|b. 1860\nd. 2 May 1909|p430.htm#i1712|||||||

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Birth*Arlene Dunshee was born on 7 August 1922.1 
She was the daughter of Earle A. Dunshee and Lila Trombley.1 
Residence*Arlene Dunshee lived in April 1987 at Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT.1,2 
Death*She died in April 1987 at age 64.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Arlene Anne Dunshee1

F, b. 27 September 1947, d. 27 September 1947

FatherFranklyn H. Dunshee1 b. 24 Jun 1911, d. 18 Jul 1965
MotherAlta Mae Thomas1 b. 10 Nov 1909, d. 4 Jan 2003
Arlene Anne Dunshee|b. 27 Sep 1947\nd. 27 Sep 1947|p141.htm#i4322|Franklyn H. Dunshee|b. 24 Jun 1911\nd. 18 Jul 1965|p176.htm#i2232|Alta Mae Thomas|b. 10 Nov 1909\nd. 4 Jan 2003|p514.htm#i2288|Clarence E. Dunshee|b. c 1862|p154.htm#i2230|Effie A. Teed|b. Jul 1876|p513.htm#i2231|Allison Thomas||p513.htm#i4071|Mabel Dumond||p116.htm#i4072|

Last Edited31 May 2004

Death*Arlene Anne Dunshee died on 27 September 1947 at Sidney Center, Delaware Co., NY.1 
Birth*She was born on 27 September 1947 at Sidney Center, Delaware Co., NY.1 
She was the daughter of Franklyn H. Dunshee and Alta Mae Thomas.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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Arlton Henry Dunshee1,2

?, b. 1 March 1923, d. 9 October 1997

Last Edited25 Feb 2007

Note*Arlton Henry Dunshee and Daisy Dunshee are parent/child candidates. 
Birth*Arlton Henry Dunshee was born on 1 March 1923.1 
Residence*Arlton Henry Dunshee lived in 1997 at Afton, Chenango Co., NY.1 
Death*Arlton Henry Dunshee died on 9 October 1997 at age 74.1 
Burial*Arlton Henry Dunshee was buried at 1318 State Highway, Afton, Chenango Co., NY.2 


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Arthur Dunshee1

M, d. 1884

FatherWilliam L. Dunshee1 b. 7 Oct 1852, d. 3 May 1936
MotherLucinda Schilling1 b. Apr 1854, d. 20 Jun 1932
Arthur Dunshee|d. 1884|p141.htm#i4273|William L. Dunshee|b. 7 Oct 1852\nd. 3 May 1936|p251.htm#i692|Lucinda Schilling|b. Apr 1854\nd. 20 Jun 1932|p460.htm#i1096|Amos E. Dunshee|b. c 1804\nd. 29 Aug 1854|p139.htm#i693|Phebe (?)|b. c 1814|p22.htm#i694|Christiam Schilling||p460.htm#i2388|Hannah Stambaugh|b. b 1825|p481.htm#i4274|

Last Edited29 May 2004

Arthur Dunshee was the son of William L. Dunshee and Lucinda Schilling.1 
Burial*Arthur Dunshee was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Petoskey, Emmet Co., MI.1 
Death*He died in 1884.1 
BirthHe was born in 1884.1 

ChartsThomas Dunshee (b. before 1713)


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